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As a rapid growing company, TNL knows the importance of commitment, knowledge and responsibility. We provide a range of comprehensive training and continuing professional development for our employee. We ensure that the quality of our service continue to evolve while taking updated market requirements into account.

With a commitment to providing training and development opportunities and embracing a culture of internal progression, we aim to build outstanding team, equipped with expert knowledge and excellent opportunities for long term career progression.



  1. Telemarketers
  2. Property Agents
  3. Financial Consultants



  1. Basic Salary + Allowance with EPF & SOCSO contribution
  2. High Commission
  3. 7 days Commission Scheme for Property Agents
  4. Flexible Working Hours
  5. Weekly training will be provided
  6. Experienced team leaders / senior to guide and lead you.
  7. Many career advancement opportunities.
  8. Can gain more knowledge about financial and property


Phone: +603-4032 1155

Email: [email protected]