Financial FAQ

1. How do I contact TNL Group?

  • Website : You can click on the Whatsapp icon and send us a message on Whatsapp through this number: 012-6515650.
  • Facebook : You may visit our Official Facebook page (TNL Group) and you can drop a private message or comment on our post and for our marketing team will assist you further.
  • Instagram : You may visit our Official Instagram page (tnl_group_malaysia) and you can drop a private message or comment on our post or stories and our marketing team will assist you further.

2. What are the charges/fees for the services by TNL Group?

We provide free consultation and reasonable charges on our services upon approval depending on each client’s circumstances and scenario. The average fee is usually between 4% and 10%.

3. Do I need to pay an upfront payment?

No, there is no upfront payment required.

4. Will there be any penalty or fees if I do not want to proceed with any of the services after the first consultation?

No, there won’t be any penalty or fees. We offer free consultancy and will only charge our client upon taking up our plan.

5. How many banks or financial institutions are there in Malaysia?

There are over 19 local and foreign banks and financial institutions in Malaysia and we can give you the best solutions and advices based on your scenario and needs.

6. When should I apply for a personal loan?

Depending on your situation and needs, our financial consultant will provide you a thorough analysis and offer you the best alternatives to meet your demand.

7. When should I consider a mortgage refinancing solution?

When you need a substantial amount of cash flow or facing difficulties to repay your existing loans, this is the best opportunity to consider mortgage refinancing solution. With our help, you can bet on getting the best solution and the most savings on your money.

8. Will I get a cheaper interest rate on a loan by applying through TNL Group?

Interest rate of a loan is subject to each client’s condition such as credit rating. Our financial consultants will do their best to make sure you get the best offers to achieve your goals.

9. Is TNL Group a money lending company?

No, we are not. TNL Group is a legitimate financial consultancy company. We do not provide any loans or money lending. We only provide solutions and assistance in regarding bank debts and loans and all approved funds are directly from banks.


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